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Crappie Dock at Lake of the Ozarks

Hurricane Deck, MO, USA

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Notes from the landowner

Crappie Dock at Lake of the Ozarks, is located just outside of Hurricane Deck, MO, just west of the Lake of the Ozarks. This is a private dock on public water. Attending parties can use the dock for some amazing fishing opportunities, including bluegill, various species of bass, catfish, walleye. More than one day can be booked at a time. If this is the case, there is lodging that can be used on this property as well. In order to use lodging please visit The property is located directly on Mile Marker 35 of Lake of the Ozarks in a wakeless, deep water cove. There is also a private boat launch at Crappie Dock, perfect for bass boats and great days on the water. You can utilize the boat lifts on the dock during your rental. All attending parties, must be members of Infinite Outdoors to legally access this property. This is a DIY fishing opportunity, meaning parties should bring their own fishing gear, bait, etc.

Game and habitat information

Lake of the Ozarks, and surrounding areas provide a great habitat for wonderful days on the water. Bass, Catfish and Bluegill are very common in the area.

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You are not legally allowed to access the property, for any adventure, prior to your selected access day. If you try to access the property at all before your selected date(s), without prior approval from IO, you will be subject to trespassing and punishments therein.

Lodging reservations can be made through
Kayaks, and a private boat ramp.
No, this will be for exclusive access
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Yes everyone that accesses this adventure needs to be a member of Infinite Outdoors.
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