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John Day Slough

Kimberly, OR, USA

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Located on the North Fork of the John Day River, we have built a dike to protect the fields from flooding that creates a slough and produces excellent waterfowl habitat. The area is filled with waterfowl activity, and we see ducks from the fields constantly. The blind is constructed from T-posts, hunters are advised to bring their own chairs and decoys. This area has minimal hunting pressure and offers opportunity to hunt uneducated birds.

Game and habitat information

We most commonly see Mallard ducks, Mergansers, and Teal on this stretch of river. The property primarily consists of hay and alfalfa fields that follow the John Day River. Be sure to read all Oregon hunting regulations for each species and season prior to arrival. 

No, camping is not permitted
The Monument Motel and RV Park offers lodging and camping opportunities.
No, this hunt provides exclusive access.
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All hunts must be canceled 48 hours or more prior to the trip, or a refund may not be given.
Yes, each active hunter must be a current IO member and pay an outdoorsman fee.
Yes, they must be a current IO member. Monthly memberships are available at a lower cost. An outdoorsman fee will not be charged, but any 'non-hunter' found hunting will be fined.
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