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Dove Palace

New Cambria, KS, USA

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Dove Palace sits on roughly 125 acres of land in Kansas. This property is just outside of New Cambria and boasts a very good habitat for a healthy population of doves. With an ag field surrounded by tree rows for roosting, this property gives the opportunity for exceptional days in the field. All attending parties must be members of Infinite Outdoors in order to access this property legally.

Game and habitat information

Dove Palace boasts some excellent dove hunting. Covering all directions by roosting trees and an open milo field in the middle will serve as the perfect setup to harvest your limit. This country sees lots of dove year round and come September it can be exceptional. Dove palace is milo this year and is a dove hunters dream. With the river close by, dove will stay in this area till the season ends. Target field corners, power-lines, and riverside to maximize your success. Be sure to keep an eye out for Mourning Dove, White-wing and Eurasion Dove. Be sure to do your research on bird identification before hand due to the 15 bird limit on Mournings and White-wing and No limit on Eurasions.

September 2023 Dove report- IO Dove hunters experienced incredible dove hunts resulting in full limits for big groups. Doves tend to travel tree and fence rows and feed heavily in grain fields early morning and evening hunts. Expect to see hundreds of dove in the area heavy feeding activity.

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You are not legally allowed to access the property, for any adventure, prior to your selected access day. If you try to access the property at all before your selected date(s), without prior approval from IO, you will be subject to trespassing and punishments therein.

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