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Howling Hog Haven - 2 day

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Wilburton, OK, USA

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160 acreage


Feral Hogs

Notes from the landowner

Howling Hog Haven, is a hunters dream. Located north of Wilburton, OK, the property is tucked deep in the San Bois mountains and holds a variety of species including turkey, deer, bear, and lots of of hogs! This property sits on roughly 160 acres of pristine, woodland habitat. One defining feature of San Bois, is the heavy timber on and around the property where hogs can be found grazing, and moving to and from holding areas. This property does have tree stands and blinds set up. There is lodging available on this property as well for an additional $150 a night. The hunting cabin consists of a full bathroom and living quarters. Camping on this property is allowed in designated areas as well. If this is an option you would like to explore, please reach out to IO and we can get that all squared away.This is a DIY opportunity, meaning that hunters need to bring all supplies that they feel necessary to raise chances of success. All attending parties must be members of Infinite Outdoors to legally access this property. This property does have a limit of 2 hogs per hunter per day.

Game and habitat information

Howling Hog haven offers a hog hunting paradise. The San Bois mountains offers dense, wildlife rich habitat teaming with life. Hog populations are exploding more than ever and Howling Hog Haven is no exception. Countless trail cam photos of large hogs are taken on the property daily. Feeders on the property offer excellent locations to harvest large groups of hogs and the possibility to take multiple hogs in one sit. Stands and blinds are located throughout the property completely setup for your hunt. Hog hunting will continue to grow in popularity due to the damage they cause to other wildlife and property. Archery hunting can be an excellent method to have them keep coming back to your location after the initial shot. Although hogs have limited eyesight, do not get fooled by their nose. They have an excellent smell so be sure to setup with the wind in your favor. Howling Hog Haven in this unique Oklahoma landscape is a dream destination for any hog hunter.

Current Seasons

In the state of Oklahoma, there is not a hog season and can be taken at any point in the year.


Non-refundable Reservation Fee 50% outdoorsman charged at 48 hours prior to the hunt.

Cancellation Policy

Hunters must cancel before 48 hours. If hunters cancel after 48 hours, they will still be charged the outdoorsmen fee.


You are not legally allowed to access the property, for any adventure, prior to your selected access day. If you try to access the property at all before your selected date(s), without prior approval from IO, you will be subject to trespassing and punishments therein.

Yes, please reach out to IO to get more information
Several stands and ground blinds in areas
No, this hunt provides exclusive access
Download and use the Infinite Outdoors app for directions, boundaries, access points and more.
Must cancel 1 month prior to your hunt, or a refund may not be given. If deposits are made and cancellation is necessary, we will reschedule you for the following year/season.
Yes, each active hunter must be a current IO member.
Yes, they must be a current IO member. Monthly memberships are available at a lower cost. An outdoorsman fee won't be charged, but any 'non-hunter' found hunting will be fined.
Your downloaded app and current adventure in the IO app will be your proof of permission.
Please read the Terms of Service before fully booking your adventure. Otherwise, Refunds are only permitted at the discretion of Infinite Outdoors. This is only in conjunction with particular situations including, but not limited to, modifications to reservation (usually by a reduction in reserved days) or full cancellation of any Infinite Outdoors adventure, either hunting or fishing. No refunds will be permitted, in ANY case, if the individual(s) broke any of Infinite Outdoors Rules or Policies as set out by the Infinite Outdoors team, and each individual Landowner.
Unavailable dates may be due to properties already being booked to capacity or landowners have not yet made dates available, Feel free to contact an Infinite Outdoors member or support team if this issue arises.
Non hunters require prior approval. Once approved they must still be IO members but may be subject to reduced price or free outdoorsman fee. If this applies to you, please reach out to IO.
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Jan 16, 2024

4 out of 5 stars

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