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Stoddard Ranch - Predator

La Grange, WY, USA

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Notes from the landowner

Stoddard Ranch is a DIY predator hunting property located northeast of La Grange, WY. This gorgeous property spans almost 2000 acres of pristine predator hunting habitat and is home to a very healthy population of coyotes. On this ranch, hunters will find perfect areas to set up and be able to see for miles in every direction, providing ample opportunity for calling in coyotes. This property is part of a working cattle operation, so please be aware of that as you access this ranch. There are drivable two-tracks throughout the property that hunters may use to traverse the landscape. Absolutely no driving on anything other than those tracks will be permitted; any violators will be fined. All hunters must abide by Wyoming state regulations for predator hunting. No night hunting will be permitted on this property. Hunters must also stay clear of all structures/homes on this property, and no shooting within 300 yards of them will be permitted; any violations of this will result in a fine from the landowners.

Game and habitat information

Stoddard Ranch offers multiple types of terrain to hunt. This includes varying topography in small rolling hills, thick cover of tall grasses, rocky outcroppings around the edges of the bluffs, and many others; perfect terrain for predators like coyotes to thrive. Predators here are hunted, but not regularly, so they will be somewhat susceptible to calling and possibly even decoys. As mentioned, there is a healthy population of coyotes on the ranch due to the thriving deer population as well as the attractant of cattle. Please be aware of those cattle while hunting on this property and be sure of your target before taking a shot. Spring months are desirable times to hunt coyotes as they begin to mate and have new litters, so it is imperative to manage the population during that time. Pelts will also typically still be in winter condition in the spring months, before they start to shed in preparation for the heat of the summer.

Required Licensing

The state of Wyoming does not require licensing for predators or prairie dogs. All hunters must still abide by all other WY regulations, such as no shooting from vehicles or roads.


You are not legally allowed to access the property, for any adventure, prior to your selected access day. If you try to access the property at all before your selected date(s), without prior approval from IO, you will be subject to trespassing and punishments therein.

Hawk Springs or Torrington will have restaurant options.
Yes, but only on existing two tracks and trails. Any deviation from existing tracks will result in a fine.
No, booking this property through Infinite Outdoors ensures exclusive access.
Download and use the Infinite Outdoors app for directions, boundaries, access points and more.
Hunts must be cancelled 48 hours prior to the day of the hunt. If cancelled 48 hours or less before the hunt, then partial or full charges may incur.
Yes, each active hunter on the property must be an active Infinite Outdoors member and must be invited, and accepted, to the adventure through the platform.
Yes, this landowner requests that you check in with them upon arrival. Please view the access rules you are sent upon booking for their contact information.
Your booked adventure on the IO app will be your proof of permission. Be prepared to present this proof upon request.
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