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Horse Thief Ranch - 7 Day Bighorn Sheep Hunt + Lodging

Granite, CO, USA

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Bighorn Sheep

Notes from the landowner

Horse Thief Ranch is in the prestigious unit 49. Horse Thief Ranch is under conservation easement with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation due to the high density of elk and unique location. Horse Thief ranch is surrounded by wilderness, as well as, national forest with no easy access point for any other hunters. This ranch is one of the most remote ranches in the state and holds a large diversity of game. The outdoorsman fee includes lodging for your entire hunt. IO payment process is as follows: A reservation fee that is non-refundable. 50% of the outdoorsman fee will process 2 weeks after the Colorado limited license draw results are processed. The additional 50% will process 1 month prior to your arrival on the property to hunt.

Game and habitat information

Right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, lies the Horse Thief Ranch. This ranch holds an abundance of game and for a good reason, this region in Colorado is renowned for the diversity of productive habitat. Bighorn Sheep in particular utilize the understory in both mountain shrub areas and rocky outcroppings. Sheep will target these areas due to the abundance of broad-leaf plants "forbs" for short. Ponderosa Pine forests and large Aspen groves on the ranch are excellent places to target bedding and feeding animals due to the abundance of understory vegetation and screening cover that they offer. Another tactic is to look for rocky outcroppings and steeper terrain where you might find Sheep grazing in the early mornings and evenings. This Ranch is bordered by national forest land, with exceptional Sheep habitat, that's difficult to access without this ranch. Hunters must be strategic in their approach, use the land to your advantage, lots of glassing, watch the wind, and position yourself with patience to capitalize on the right opportunity. That being said, Horse Thief Ranch is a must for your next Bighorn Sheep hunting adventure.

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7-day Hunt


Non-refundable Reservation Fee 50% outdoorsman charged after draw results 50% outdoorsman charged 1 month prior to hunt

Cancellation Policy

Hunters must cancel within 2 weeks after the draw results post. If deposit is made, we will push you to following year/season if possible.

License Requirement

Hunting and Fishing Licenses - Colorado Parks and Wildlife IPAWS (

Drawing Odds

Current Seasons


You are not legally allowed to access the property, for any adventure, prior to your selected access day. If you try to access the property at all before your selected date(s), without prior approval from IO, you will be subject to trespassing and punishments therein.

Yes, your outdoorsman fee includes lodging
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Reservation fees are due at the time of booking and non-refundable. Hunts must be cancelled within 2 weeks of the draw results posting. If a deposit is made and cancellation is necessary, we will work to reschedule you for the following year/season.
Yes, each active hunter must be a current IO member.
Yes, they must be a current IO member. Monthly memberships are available at a lower cost. An outdoorsman fee will not be charged, but any 'non-hunter' found hunting will be fined.
Yes. Use the contact information provided at the time of booking.
Your downloaded map and current adventure in the IO app will be your proof of permission. Be prepared to present it upon request.
Please read the Terms of Service before fully booking your adventure. Otherwise, Refunds are only permitted at the discretion of Infinite Outdoors. This is only in conjunction with particular situations including, but not limited to, modifications to reservation (usually by a reduction in reserved days) or full cancellation of any Infinite Outdoors adventure, either hunting or fishing. No refunds will be permitted, in ANY case, if the individual(s) broke any of Infinite Outdoors Rules or Policies as set out by the Infinite Outdoors team, and each individual Landowner.
Unavailable dates may be due to properties already being booked to capacity or landowners have not yet made dates available, Feel free to contact an Infinite Outdoors member or support team if this issue arises.
Non hunters require prior approval. Once approved they must still be IO members but may be subject to reduced price or free outdoorsman fee. If this applies to you, please reach out to IO.
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