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Ragsdale Ranch - Cow Elk Hunt

Pine Grove, CO, USA

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Notes from the landowner

Ragsdale Ranch is a sprawling mountain property. Located in Colorado's GMU 461, Ragsdale Ranch consists of almost 650 acres of dark timber, along with scattered parks and open areas. This property is a mountain area, so there are several locations for water and wallows, good bedding, and riding in the 8,000 ft elevation range; elk are sure to be here year round. From rut, through the late season, elk can be found everywhere. This property is surrounded by other private land, and locked state lands, creating a very low pressure hunting environment. This is a DIY elk hunt; however guided elk hunt options may be available through a separate company. Contact Infinite Outdoors if you want to discuss those options. Camping and early scouting access may be available at the landowner's discretion. This area is also home to many bears, so an add-on bear tag is not a bad idea! IO payment process is as follows: A reservation fee that is non-refundable. 50% of the outdoorsman fee will be processed 2 weeks after the Colorado limited license draw results are posted. If you are unsuccessful in the draw, reach out to an IO team member and they will proceed accordingly. The remaining 50% will process 1 month prior to your arrival on the property.

Game and habitat information

Located to the east of Pine Grove, CO, this property features dark ponderosa pines, solid open grounds for bedding and wallowing, as well as dependable water sources. Elk tend to use the property for breeding, usually sticking around while grasses are still available from summer to early winter. There is water on the property, usually localizing in a small pond where elk will often be in the September archery season. During the early mornings and evenings, elk can generally be seen more often during those feeding hours.

Hunt Duration

5 Days

Yes, in designated spots only. Leave No Trace rules will apply, and violators will be fined.
Bailey, CO
Yes, on designated existing roadways.
No, this opportunity provides sole access.
Download the IO app, it will show you boundaries and access points!
Reach out to IO to cancel within 2 weeks after CO draw results post.
Yes, for liability and quality control reasons.
No trophy fee.
Yes they will need to be a member, but will not be charged a full outdoorsman fee.
Your proof of booking in the IO app is your permission.
Please read the Terms of Service before fully booking your adventure. Otherwise, Refunds are only permitted at the discretion of Infinite Outdoors. This is only in conjunction with particular situations including, but not limited to, modifications to reservation (usually by a reduction in reserved days) or full cancellation of any Infinite Outdoors adventure, either hunting or fishing. No refunds will be permitted, in ANY case, if the individual(s) broke any of Infinite Outdoors Rules or Policies as set out by the Infinite Outdoors team, and each individual Landowner.
Unavailable dates may be due to properties already being booked to capacity or landowners have not yet made dates available, Feel free to contact an Infinite Outdoors member or support team if this issue arises.
Non hunters require prior approval. Once approved they must still be IO members but may be subject to reduced price or free outdoorsman fee. If this applies to you, please reach out to IO.
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