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Handy Dam - Waterfowl

3.3(7 reviews)

Berthoud, CO, USA

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Central Flyway



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6-Man Pit


96 Acres

Notes from the landowner

Handy Dam Waterfowl is located just south of the Handy Reservoir in Berthoud, Colorado. This area is known for its large numbers of migratory birds, specifically Canada Geese. This property will provide a 6-man pit, but any groups larger than 6 are more than welcome to bring layout blinds to set up beside the pit or in your decoy spread. There are no seats provided in the pit, so hunters are encouraged to bring their own buckets or chairs. There is a 2-vehicle maximum rule in place for this property, so please do not drive in the field with more than that. All vehicles and hunters must use the approved path into the field, as shown in the Infinite Outdoors app. All hunters must be active members of the Infinite platform, and must accept invitations prior to the hunt day. All hunters are required to have their Colorado small game license, as well as all stamps necessary to waterfowl hunt in the state.

Game and habitat information

This property is right in the center of some excellent waterfowl hunting. As later season approaches, expect to see mass migrations of geese, light and dark. These agricultural fields in close proximity to some larger bodies of water with the mixture of un-pressured land sets up to be a honey hole. Expect to see mostly geese with the occasional curious duck. The geese will feed in the early morning and evenings on these pivot fields and will loaf in the large bodies of water that cannot be hunted. These waterfowl see much less pressure than most and are willing to come into decoys much easier than most. Be strategic in your approach, setup with maximum cover and a proper decoy setup.

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2 vehicle maximum


If there is a lapse in availability, please do not be discouraged to reach out to IO. All calendars are set and managed by landowners, and unavailability is set by them. However, IO is willing to reach out on your behalf, to check on available dates. Other reasons for unavailable dates include biologist recommended hunter/harvest quotas that landowners implement, as well as state season dates not being released.


You are not legally allowed to access the property, for any adventure, prior to your selected access day. If you try to access the property at all before your selected date(s), without prior approval from IO, you will be subject to trespassing and punishments therein.


There is an established eagle's nest on the eastern boundary of this property. The provided pit is outside of the state required distance guidelines. Discharging of a firearm anywhere other than within the provided goose pit, or from directly outside of the goose pit, may result in disturbance of the eagle's nest and is not allowed. If any negative effects on the eagles are observed during hunting, including birds leaving nests immediately upon shooting or any other disturbance, immediately contact the IO team. By booking this listing you agree to these terms.

Brushing In

Although the blind is there, please consider showing up earlier and brushing yourself in the way you see fit. However, please also keep modesty in mind, and do not overdo the blind by tearing up the property.

Pit Blind
Berthoud, CO
Berthoud, CO
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Hunts canceled 48 hours or more prior to the adventure will not be changed. Hunts canceled within 48 hours will be charged 50%, and hunts canceled within 24 hours of the adventure will be charged the full outdoorsman fee.
Yes, they must be a current IO member. Monthly memberships are available at a lower cost. An outdoorsman fee will not be charged, but any “non-hunter” found hunting will be fined.
Your downloaded map and current adventure in the IO app will be your proof of permission. Be prepared to present it upon request.
Non hunters require prior approval. Once approved they must still be IO members but may be subject to reduced price or free outdoorsman fee. If this applies to you, please reach out to IO.
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Jan 14, 2024

5 out of 5 stars


Dec 26, 2023

4 out of 5 stars

Great location and a lot of geese (by the thousands) coming off of nearby reservoirs. I think the pit stuck out a little too much against the rest of the landscape. I think this location would do extremely well when there's a little snow on the ground to help cover it up a little more.


Dec 4, 2023

4 out of 5 stars

The marker for the pit had fallen over and we did have to make a phone call. At 5 in the morning. Which was answered and that alone I found incredible. This app and these guys are great!


Dec 3, 2023

1 out of 5 stars

Not a single shot fired in our group. The pit needs to be about another foot deeper.


Nov 30, 2023

4 out of 5 stars


Nov 19, 2023

4 out of 5 stars


Nov 12, 2023

1 out of 5 stars

There were birds flying around but not a single bird flew over the property. When I first arrived I found the blind to be broken by someone and left in a shitty way. The blind was a horrible hide and had no cover around it to hide the flash from the plywood.


Sam Brunner

Thanks for bringing it to our attention that the pit wasn't in good shape. We are very sorry that you arrived to that issue, but since your review, we have gone out there and fixed up the pit!

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