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Cipra Branch - Turkey

Cromwell, IA, USA

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Eastern Turkey


1,330 acres

Notes from the landowner

Cipra Branch Turkey is located just west of Cromwell Iowa and consists of over 1,300 acres of private ground. Iowa is a great state for avid turkey hunters to find themselves in. This property holds eastern turkeys, the largest subspecies of turkey. It boasts a few unique features that make it a perfect place to notch a tag and take a fan. A combination of plentiful food sources of corn, beans, and others, a creek that runs through the property, and plenty of different roosting areas, make it ideal turkey hunting habitat. Though turkeys can be found anywhere on this property, history shows that they will typically roost in the area as shown by the 'blind' icon in the map you receive after booking. This property provides a DIY hunting opportunity, and hunters will need to bring all necessary supplies for the hunt. Additionally, all attending parties must be Infinite Outdoors members to legally access this property.

Game and habitat information

This property near Cromwell, IA boasts an ideal environment for Turkey, with its diverse range of biological habitats, including a riverbed, hardwood forests. Turkey are abundant in the area, especially during the spring, attracted to the various food sources as well as the shelter and cover provided by the hardwood forests. Ag fields dominate the landscape and serve as wildlife magnets. The turkey travel along the creek beds and can be targeted in open pockets and corners of Ag fields. The hardwood forests and dense timber in this region offer excellent cover for turkey, making it an ideal location for hunters target gobbling turkeys and coax them into the open timber patches or Ag fields. The timbers surrounding the fields and the plant species that inhabit them are pumped with native forage and provide an abundance of food for turkey and other wildlife. However, this also means that hunters must be strategic in their approach, the turkey can be highly unpredictable and may not follow predictable patterns. This being said, Toms will present themselves when the time is right and patience is key. Turkey numbers increase during the spring and can be great for the Iowa spring season.


1-Day Hunts

Payment and Cancellation

Reservation fees are due at the time of booking and are non-refundable. Outdoorsman fees will process 48 hours prior to the hunt. If cancellation is needed, hunts must be canceled prior to the 48-hour mark. Otherwise, a full refund cannot be given.


If there is a lapse in availability, please do not be discouraged to reach out to IO. All calendars are set and managed by landowners, and unavailability is set by them. However, IO is willing to reach out on your behalf, to check on available dates. Other reasons for unavailable dates include biologist recommended hunter/harvest quotas that landowners implement, as well as state season dates not being released. All adventures can only be booked a maximum of 90 days in advance.


You are not legally allowed to access the property, for any adventure, prior to your selected access day. If you try to access the property at all before your selected date(s), without prior approval from IO, you will be subject to trespassing and punishments therein.

Lodging will not be provided on this property
Nearest lodging available will be in the town of Creston.
Creston, Iowa has hotels and an RV park.
There is one restaurant located by the property in the town of Cromwell. The majority of food options are in Creston.
You and your group will be the only ones with legal access to the proeprty.
At the time of booking, you will have a map and boundaries in your adventures tab.
Hunters must cancel within 48 hours or they will be charged the full outdoorsman fee.
Yes, everyone hunting must be an Infinite Outdoors member.
There is no kill fee for this property.
Your booking is considered your written permission for the property.
Please read the Terms of Service before fully booking your adventure. Otherwise, Refunds are only permitted at the discretion of Infinite Outdoors. This is only in conjunction with particular situations including, but not limited to, modifications to reservation (usually by a reduction in reserved days) or full cancellation of any Infinite Outdoors adventure, either hunting or fishing. No refunds will be permitted, in ANY case, if the individual(s) broke any of Infinite Outdoors Rules or Policies as set out by the Infinite Outdoors team, and each individual Landowner.
Unavailable dates may be due to properties already being booked to capacity or landowners have not yet made dates available, Feel free to contact an Infinite Outdoors member or support team if this issue arises.
Non hunters require prior approval. Once approved they must still be IO members but may be subject to reduced price or free outdoorsman fee. If this applies to you, please reach out to IO.
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