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Bronlow Ditch - Elk

2555 County Road 24, Hartsel, CO, USA

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Notes from the landowner

Bronlow Ditch is a DIY elk hunting property located south of Fairplay, CO in GMU 50. This property consists of roughly 640 acres in the flats between the Tarryall Mountains and the Mosquito Range. It also borders several hundred acres of BLM land. Any access on this property must be done by foot, or by driving on existing two-tracks. Any deviation from this rule may result in fines. Game carts are encouraged for hauling any harvested animals off of the property or to the nearest vehicle. Hunters must abide by all state of Colorado regulations, including licensing method of take.

Game and habitat information

Generally speaking, Bronlow Ditch is a property that at any given time can have hundreds of elk present on it. The flats in between the surrounding mountain ranges are notorious for being the stomping grounds for big herds of elk in late rifle seasons, and this property is no exception. Brownlow Ditch is very flat terrain, which will make spotting game an easy task, but stalking them will be a challenge. Hunters can plan on an ambush type of hunt here. Covered in coveted grasses that elk will feed on later in the year, this property provides a quality grazing location for all kinds of game. There are several nearby water sources as well, giving elk plenty of reason to spend long periods of time near or on this property.

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Cancellation Policy

Hunters must cancel within 2 weeks after the draw results post. If deposit is made, we will push you to following year/season if possible.

Payment Process

Reservation fees are non-refundable and due at the time of booking. 50% of the outdoorsman fee will process 2 weeks after the CO draw results post. The remaining 50% will process 1 month prior to your arrival on the property.

Hunt Duration

5-Day Hunt

Fairplay, CO.
E-bikes will be permitted, but use of an ATV is not.
No, booking this property through Infinite Outdoors ensures exclusive access.
Download and use the Infinite Outdoors app for directions, boundaries, access points and more.
Yes, each active hunter on the property must be an active Infinite Outdoors member and must be invited, and accepted, to the adventure through the platform.
Your booked adventure on the IO app will be your proof of permission. Be prepared to present this proof upon request.
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