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River Bend - Goose Decoy Rental

Greeley, CO, USA

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This listing is strictly dedicated to the rental of decoys, directly from the landowner of the River Bend waterfowl properties. Simply booking this listing does not provide access to any hunting, only decoys. Please take special note of all rules and FAQ's. Included will be: 7 and a half dozen full body goose decoys, both Avery's and Big Foots. Hunters are not required to use all of the decoys provided but are more than welcome to use them all for their hunt. Decoys will be stored on site at the property and will be in a locked trailer. Along with the trailer, the landowner is providing a 2" ball, if hunters choose to haul the trailer closer to their hunting location (only on River Bend properties). Please contact the landowner the day prior to your hunt to obtain the lock combination to the trailer and to coordinate the correct steps for obtaining the decoys. The landowner contact info will be provided after booking the decoy rental.

No. This set of decoys is only allowed to be used on River Bend waterfowl properties.
This set of decoys is in fair to good condition and are expected to be returned in the same condition. Hunters are responsible for inspecting and taking note of the condition of the decoys prior to their hunt. Any change of condition, not noted by the hunters, will be assumed as created by the current hunters.
Any damage to the decoys will be assessed by the landowner. By booking this decoy rental, hunters are agreeing to paying for damages, as decided by the landowner.
Hunters who book the decoy rental are responsible for the decoys. If any decoys go missing, Infinite Outdoors will fine the hunters who most previously rented the decoys. The fine amount will be determined by the landowner, in accordance to the brand of decoy's market price.
Hunters must contact the landowner a day prior to when they plan to rent decoys. By doing so, they will be given the information necessary to pick up the decoys. The decoys will be on site at the River Bend properties, so do not expect to have to pick them up at a different location.
Yes. Please send the landowner a text when you have successfully obtained the decoys. As this will likely be early in the morning, please refrain from calling.
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