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Mule Deer Foundation

Infinite Outdoors is proud to be the sole private land partner with the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF). By teaming up with MDF we aim to provide a connection between conservation and private land management, specifically for the habitat of mule deer and black tail deer. By selecting MDF as your donation partner at sign up you can be assured that your are helping preserve and improve mule deer across the country on both public and private land. Our donations are helping several causes across MDF's mission by focusing on projects in areas that are important migration corridors or seasonal ranges, prioritizing pre- and post-fire restoration, and improving water availability. We are also teaming up with MDF and other industry partners and community members to help bring awareness and field efforts to local mule deer habitat conservation projects in 2024 and beyond. Futhermore, we are working directly with MDF's group of conservation officers and biologists to provide an educational program that will help landowners identify and improve issues with their properties to help further conservation efforts for mule deer and hundreds of other species.

With your help we aim to have a long and successful series of projects that are supported by our members, dedicated to helping Mule Deer and the habitats that they roam.

Remember to select the Mule Deer Foundation at sign up to have part of your membership fees donated directly to MDF.

Help support Mule Deer above and beyond your IO membership by donating below! 100% of proceeds are donated to MDF and Western Wildlife Initiative!

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