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Infinite Outdoors is a proud Life Sponsor of Ducks Unlimited donating annually to wetlands conservation. As part of our mission to promote conservation throughout the country we have teamed up with Ducks Unlimited to focus conservation efforts in the Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Montana region through their Peaks to Prairies and Heartland heritage and Habitat Initiatives. By selecting Ducks Unlimited as your non-profit donation partner at sign up, you can be assured that a portion of your Infinite Outdoors membership fee is going directly to helping these initiatives and providing DU with the resources it needs to achieve its conservation efforts. Both the Peaks to Prairies and Heartland Heritage and Habitat Initiatives have lasting impacts on waterfowl and other wildlife throughout our home region of the west, midwest and rocky mountain regions. Along with the support of our users and our additional donations to DU we can help provide quality habitat and memorable hunting experiences for generations to come. Here is a breakdown of each of the initiatives that your membership fees go to supports:

Peaks to Prairies:

This initiative is part of Ducks Unlimited's Rescue Our Wetlands Campaign aimed at changing the face of conservation in North America. Its primary focus is protecting and restoring wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region which feeds the migration through the Rocky Mountains. The focus of the initiative is through the western parts of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. The funding that is generated to support Peaks to Prairies will help DU work with partners and landowners to protect wetlands and waterfowl habitat in the prairies and Rocky Mountains, as well as support public policy updates and outreach efforts to ensure habitat is protected and restored for years to come.

Heartland Heritage and Habitat:

This initiative focuses on major staging areas for waterfowl in both the spring and fall migrations, specifically along the South Platte and its associated tributaries. These areas, including locations in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas are essential for waterfowl during their migration through an otherwise arid landscape. Through this mission Ducks Unlimited is aiming to protect or restore over 10,000 acres of wetlands that will benefit both people and wildlife in the region. The initiative also focuses on working with both public and private landowners to restore wetlands on public and private lands.